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You had me at ASYNCHRONOUS!!

Admittedly this does not sound as sexy as the time Tom Cruise professed his love in Jerry Maguire. 2020 has proven to be a big year for the word asynchronous. As a market researcher, when I heard this word making its way into mainstream headlines and conversations this year, I got a tad giddy (more on that later). But let us rewind. The word asynchronous was first recorded back in the mid-1770s and its Greek roots mean not occurring at the same time, simply put, NOT LIVE. The word is most often used among technology professionals. However, since the pandemic has made technology an essential survival tool for the masses, the education circles are now embracing this word as our school-aged kids are asked to complete their classwork via asynchronous or non-live learning platforms.

Within the market research community, asynchronous refers to an emerging methodology that uses online platforms to conduct qualitative research (or as I call it, research that brings clarity to the why and how of consumer behavior). Online research respondents log in over a series of days to participate in a wide range of different activities from journaling to providing feedback on ideas and designs. It is one of my personal favorites when it comes to research approaches because with just a few respondents you can unleash deep insights in a convenient and safe environment, both physical and emotional. The bottom line is asynchronous research is a high value research approach where clients walk away with rich consumer-centric findings that translate into actionable insights.

Curious about how asynchronous or other qualitative research methodologies can help your company arrive at actionable insights? Keyhole Research & Consulting is your go-to resource to help you move you beyond your hunches to highly actionable insights.

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