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The word KEYHOLE represents an opportunity to discover a new outlook.  We draw our inspiration from a famous keyhole in Rome, Italy atop the Aventine Hill, the famed Keyhole of the Knights of Malta.  From the outside it appears to be an average keyhole.  However, when peering through it, a new world is revealed.  Perfectly trimmed hedges frame the cupola of St. Peter's Basilica in the distance.  This keyhole is our inspiration on many levels. 


  • It reveals a vision that was not obvious until closer inspection. 

  • Its particular location within Rome draws inspiration.  The Aventine Hill is one of the most serene and peaceful places in Rome, one of the most chaotic and congested cities in Europe.  This sense of peace and tranquility is what Keyhole can help bring to your otherwise frenetic world.  

  • When one peers through this hole, the view spans three sovereign lands (Italy, Malta and the Vatican).  Many times for the insight to become clear, you must look at the issue through more than one lens.





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