Natalia has worked with me on over 15 in-depth quality studies. She was our GO TO individual in the US to plan, organize, run, analyze, and present these studies to both National and Global team(s) and executives. She also addressed any follow up questions quickly and efficiently. She continuously helped transform and improve our Quality research process over time as the focus grew in scope all the while being mindful of constantly changing budgetary considerations. She is always positive in outlook and attitude and works to move forward based on lessons learned from the past.

Robert F,  Automotive OEM Engineer

I had the pleasure to work with Natalia while at Nissan Design America on several color related focus groups. Natalia combines her creativity and organized work ethic to every part of her research process.  Natalia‚Äôs passion to embrace complicated questions aligned with her ability to simplify, engage and captivate respondents is a winning combination. The final product not only answers the questions but gives insightful recommendations.

Brenda P,  Color Designer, Parkin Designs

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