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Just three months into managing our newly acquired business, we were faced with a mandate to close our doors in the face of COVID-19.  With so much uncertainty, we wanted to conduct research to explore ways to creatively increase engagement with our customers.  From the very beginning, Natalia led us through a clearly guided and supportive process to identify our needs to design a customized research plan.  Following the online survey and focus groups, we were able to walk away with actionable initiatives from the highly visual report Natalia designed.  We now understand how to better deliver a wine membership-model and how to leverage our physical space for private events. More importantly, we are able to proceed with our planning knowing that the plans and ideas we have are based on customer research, rather than on our own thoughts and beliefs.

Natalia is not just a research supplier, but a vested thought partner who clearly cared about seeing us succeed and offered creative ideas and suggestions throughout the process.  I highly recommend working with Keyhole Research if you need to better understand what matters to your customers and want an innovative and experienced research partner.

Yali Bair Ruiz, Owner 
Splash Wine Lounge + Bistro

Prior to finalizing the hardware and industrial design of our vehicle, we needed to understand its biggest user experience risks. Something that differentiated Natalia were her project planning skills. Our project was very complex and was during COVID-19. Fortunately, Natalia was always thinking five steps ahead, making sure we didn’t miss any key details. Ultimately, we walked away with a very clear, prioritized list of open risks with our vehicle. Natalia’s research ended up driving several key changes to our vehicle.

Natalia went above and beyond what we asked of her and, above all, she was easy and fun to work with.  We are so grateful we found Natalia and had the chance to work with her. I highly recommend her for your next research project!

Riley Soward, Product Operations Manager

Keyhole Research did a fantastic job for us at THC Therapeutics. She handled everything from performing surveys and scheduling interviews to compiling the data. Natalia effectively executed the desired research and presented us with a detailed report which has helped inform our decisions in product development and marketing.

Joshua Halford,  VP Business Development 
THC Therapeutics, Inc.

Natalia has worked with me on over 15 in-depth quality studies. She was our GO TO individual in the US to plan, organize, run, analyze, and present these studies to both National and Global team(s) and executives. She also addressed any follow up questions quickly and efficiently. She continuously helped transform and improve our Quality research process over time as the focus grew in scope all the while being mindful of constantly changing budgetary considerations. She is always positive in outlook and attitude and works to move forward based on lessons learned from the past.

Robert F,  Automotive OEM Engineer

I had the pleasure to work with Natalia while at Nissan Design America on several color related focus groups. Natalia combines her creativity and organized work ethic to every part of her research process.  Natalia’s passion to embrace complicated questions aligned with her ability to simplify, engage and captivate respondents is a winning combination. The final product not only answers the questions but gives insightful recommendations.

Brenda P,  Color Designer, Parkin Designs
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