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COVID-19: A time machine to the future or past?

While the mention of the coronavirus likely musters up negative feelings, surely you’ve already made a mental list of ‘silver linings’. But the looming question remains: At the end of the day, will the pandemic be viewed as a catalyst for progress or a symbol of widespread regression?

So far research reveals both! The UN reports that the pandemic has undone decades of progress on poverty, healthcare and education. Conversely, the pandemic has catapulted us ahead 5 to 10 years into our digital future, creating lush opportunities for innovation.

The one thing that everyone can agree on is that COVID-19 hasn’t affected us in a linear fashion, rather it has created the most monumental and multi-directional shift of our lifetime. We hope to emerge from this pandemic in 2021 holding fast to the new ways that lifted us up and repair the damage it has done in other areas. Will we take up the challenge to seize this opportunity to design a new and enduring legacy?

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